New Forms Media Society (NFMS) exists to unite creative communities, push artistic and conceptual boundaries, and explore digital media as an art form. By producing the annual New Forms Festival (NFF) as well as a growing schedule of year-round public presentations, we aim to raise the profile of Canadian artists, media arts, underground and subversive arts movements and practices both in Canada and abroad. NFMS is dedicated to showcasing innovative media works that generate a critical and creative discourse within the public sphere. Our programs have never been stronger nor our audiences larger.

An integral element of the NFF has been the recognition and promotion of independent and groundbreaking artists. The NFF facilitates supports the dissemination of new media art works and engages in discussion on its role in our cultural environment, thereby creating a platform for artistic growth. Since its inception ten years ago, NFMS has become an important part of the Vancouver art-scene, promoting local artists and musicians, as well as bringing internationally renowned names to the city. By promoting artists in partnership with the international arts and technology world, NFMS aims to the increase awareness of and exposure to innovative media-based artists and their work.