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8 CHANNELS (aka Jay Tripwire)

August 28, 2009 by admin  
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In an age where everyone thinks they are a dj
What seperates them from Jay Tripwire?
Having performed in over 200 cities around the globe and with thousands upon thousands of nights behind the decks Jay has performed at every type of nightclub, warehouse party, illegal street party,Radio station and lounge.
His signature fusion of Detroit textures and [...]


August 26, 2009 by admin  
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Martin Schopf, alias Dandy Jack, is renowned in Chile and Germany as much as for his musical productions
than for his organization work in the electronic music movement. In Santiago de Chile he created the
Microman club together with Adrian Schopf (Dj Adrian), which apart from being a club, became a generating
nucleus for many electronic events, on [...]