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Hello NFF supporters,

We need volunteers for this year’s New Forms Festival, a convergence of media art, electronic music and digital creativity!

The NFF is a hub for creative souls, providing an incredible context for experiencing the best of the media arts world. Both local and international artists will be attending The Festival and volunteering will be a great way to network, find new interests and opportunities, meet like-minded people, while becoming one with a vast array of uniquely impressive and carefully chosen creative specialties.

Upon the orientation gathering at The Waldorf in late August, all scheduled volunteers will receive a free festival pass, drink tickets, and invitation to the VIP afterparty. Volunteers should complete a minimum of 10 hours volunteering during the event (approx. 2 days working a 4 hour shift of your chosing each day, plus some kind of extra 2 hour duty). This ensures you still get lots of time to do whatever you want. For those who go beyond the minimum by taking more shifts, you will all receive guestlist entry to a future NFF event as well! (Techforms/dubforms/etc). Being a volunteer here even in its worst moments will still be exhilarating, intriguing and rewarding. And the VIP treats will really ensure you have one of the best experiences of your life! That said it is quite worthwhile to delve in full force!

Check out the available positions below. If you find yourself interested in specific exhibitions please let us know and we will try to place you there, and wherever else you’d like to be of course! Although, positions are filling quickly; you might not get your first choice. Get in touch with us as soon as you can so we can get you started! And feel free to invite your friends to join you.

Now until Sept 8.

Fun way to contribute hours before the festival even begins! But, promoters should also contribute a minimum of 6 hours total during the festival as well. Many tasks to chose from!

Only one more volunteer needed, for the gastown/downtown area (w Hastings/w cordova/w pender/abbot/w georgia/Granville/etc). With 30 posters and 100 flyer cards, you’ll have to distribute posters and flyer cards to affiliated stores (beatstreet, vinyl records), poster on billboards and poles with other posters on them, and lastly, strategically post them on newspaper bins etc but beware; they might be removed quickly if they aren’t in an allotted advertisement space. As for the flyer cards, distribute small piles to stores, cafes, etc, that seem to appreciate the gesture, or wherever you think they’ll get attention. There should be an opportunity to get 100 more flyer cards but not posters. As event promos tend to have an expiry date of one week, its advised that you do a round once per week, starting right away until just before the festival. Putting up 8 posters per day, saving a few to replace empty spaces during the week of the festival, would be the best way. Checking it two times per week would really ensure nothing disappears! Please see my contact information at the bottom of the page, and email me if you’d like to take this job!

Monday-Thursday (Sept 5th-8th)

Positions filled, but please mention your interest as you could fill in for someone who can’t make it.

Sept 8-12 as required.

1 more runner needed, must have own vehicle, gas is paid for. Picking up artists and attendees at airport and driving them to the Waldorf. We will confirm runs with you for Friday, Saturday and Sunday but you will be on call during Thursday and Monday for those who arrive early or depart late. Anyone who would like to do this, please mention your interest as you might fill in for someone who can’t make it.

Sept 9, 10, 11.
10pm on Friday and Saturday, Noon on Sunday. Half-time shifts available.

Ticket booth: You greet patrons, handle guestlist, collect tickets, stamp wrists and accept cash door sales.

Coatcheck: You will ensure items checked in remain safe and are returned to the correct patron.

Sept 9, 10, 11
10pm on Friday and Saturday.
Noon on Sunday.
Possibly filled.

Basic technical knowledge required (knowledge of basic cables, mic names, types of lights, etc). Previous experience doing tech for concerts and/or events an asset.

Fri/Sat – 10pm-2am
11 exhibition rooms, 1-2 assistants per room, and a few here and there’s.
About 25 volunteers per night.

You will be giving info to patrons and ensuring no one disturbs the exhibition. I hope every volunteer can be a part of this! Make sure to let us know what you’d like to do!

Sunday – Noon-8pm

16 volunteers needed – duties similar to exhibition assisting. Security might be an available position. More info coming soon.

Monday – Sept 12.
4 volunteers needed

Work with artists, New Forms Society staff and volunteers to take down everything used for the festival and cleaning up what’s left. Some heavy lifting might be required, but it should still be enjoyable… Afterparty and all.



If you want to be a volunteer, join our Facebook group where integration with the crew is easy, its like a home base. I update it with news as much as possible. It’ll be good for you to know exactly what’s going on, contact everyone at the same time if you have questions, see all of the schedules (coming soon) and not just your own. And you can add your friends!

Thank you for your interest. To learn more about volunteering or to apply for positions, please contact me:

Nikki Nak