Daniel Wang


Berlin, DE [Balihu Records, Environ Records]

Sunday, September 15th

Special Summer Series / New Brighton Park

Born near San Francisco, Daniel Wang spent 8 years of his childhood in Taipei, where his adolescent education was a strange mix of French and classical Chinese literature, 1970s American TV shows like “Dance Fever”, and a touch of British New Romantics and avant-garde Japanese fashion in the early 80s.

He moved back to California for high school and went to New York City and Chicago for university, but instead of concentrating on his studies, he ventured out to nightclubs full of gays, club kids, and Afro-Americans who lived for music and dancing.   While working behind the counter at a chocolate shop, he started to release his own “house records”, which began as naive combinations of samples from old disco records which he loved.

By chance, Daniel found a job in a Japanese-owned musical instrument shop in 1996.  That was “Dr. Sound” in Soho, New York, and thus began his education in sound, production, and vintage synthesizers.  Daniel learned to play the theremin and personally helped Dr. Robert Moog to promote his synthesizers at the annual trade fairs. In 1999, Daniel released his first EP on Morgan Geist’s ENVIRON label – totally original compositions without sampling or borrowing.  Daniel’s popularity and production credits grew steadily from that period on, and he got more and more Remix job offers and DJ bookings.  He moved to Berlin in 2003, and since then he has not stopped traveling around the world and entertaining people with his DJ sets and occasional live shows, from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro, from Beijing to Oslo.  He has just finished a smash tour in Japan in August 2012, has played often around Europe with the HORSE MEAT DISCO crew from London, and now has a residence at SOJU Bar in Kreuzberg, Berlin.