Munich, DE [Leisure System, Dataphysix Engineering, Rephlex]

Friday, September 13th

Hangar (CDM)

Dopplereffekt are one of the strangest and most mysterious units of the contemporary electronic music scene.The program was established in 1996 in conjunction with Dataphysix imprint.  Dopplereffekt’s music is also highly eclectic and unusual.  Dopplereffekt have developed their very own sound aesthetic.

Their best known album is Gesamtkunstwerk which appeared in 1999 on International  Gigolo Records. This album featured a collection of tracks which were previously only available on the vinyl only releases: Fascist State + Infophysix. In 2003, Dopplereffekt released Linear Accelerator on the label International  Gigolo Records which was a big departure from their earlier sound. The album featured very little beat oriented tracks and had a focus that largely dealt with Particle Physics. In 2007, Dopplereffekt released Calabi Yau Space on Rephlex.

New music data is under development.