Sydney, Aus [Astro Black: Episodes -1 to 2]

Thursday, September 12th

Mixed Use


Thursday September 12,  7-10

Friday September 13,  12-7

Saturday September 14,  12-7

Astro Black is an ongoing video cycle informed by cultural theories of Afrofuturism. Taking the cosmic jazz musician Sun Ra as a point of departure, this speculative history seeks to draw out the nexus of science fiction and social politics in Black Atlantic culture. For the first time in North America, Episodes -1 to 2 will be exhibited together as a 4-channel video installation.

Soda_Jerk is an Australian two-person art collective that works with found material to trouble formulations of cultural history. Taking the form of video installations, cutup texts and lecture performances, their archival practice merges the zones of research, documentary and speculative fiction.

Image: SODA_JERK, Astro Black: We are the Robots (excerpt) 2007