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Electrabelle Visuals

January 6, 2010 by dani  
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Suez Holland, owner of Electrabelle, has been providing visuals for concerts, performances, and live events for over 12 years.

With a background in animation and visual effects, Electrabelle creates custom imagery specific to each event.

Ultimately, the focus is to create magical environments that enhance the audience’s connection to the music or performance.

Lately, Electrabelle has been designing stage sets using LED video technology, which offer an exciting new potency to the ‘LIVE’ performance idea. Each new LED system has the ability to stream video through a ‘modular’ system, meaning that each section of the video screen can be built up to create a sculpture, of sorts. Some LED lights come as building blocks, almost like ‘lego’, whereas other styles of LEDs come in strands, and can therefore be assembled along a curve or through 3D space. This leaves a lot of room for creativity.

When married with the more traditional style of the straight-up projection screen, we arrive at a stage design that translates both visceral video content and emotive light rhythms. This is the current aesthetic that Electrabelle strives for.

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