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Celia King and Joel Snowden

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Artists: Celia King and Joel Snowden
Project: A440 Hz

The A440hz visual art installation is an artistic collaboration investigating our musical universe, spanning the entire electromagnetic spectrum and extended to include human hearing, consciousness and the periodic table of elements. As the octaves rise through the harmonic series they reveal fascinating connections between chemistry and physics, neurological and biological processes, and sense perceptions (sound and light).

Visual artists include Erica Stocking, Eben Bender, Michael Black, Emma Lehto, Peter Taylor, Kenny Roux, olo J. Milkman, Angela Fama, Mandy Hardwick, Char Hoyt, Robert Mearns, Office Supplies Incorporated, Celia King & Joel Snowden.


Joel James Blaire Snowden is a video artist and editor. A founding member and an artistic director of Pointless Hysteria, the renowned performance gallery across from Woodward’s, Joel has collaborated on countless experimental videos in several disciplines, including dance, performance art, spoken word and conceptual science. He is currently editing a documentary on International Development, Religion and HIV/AIDS in Malawi, South Africa, and his interest in a physical reality that drives us all continues to drive his focus.

Celia Jacqueline King is an inter-disciplinary artist, international award winning published author, curator and producer: her print artists books, sculptural and video book media exhibiting in Italy, Japan, Canada and USA. She has curated and produced many Vancouver artists group exhibitions with A440Hz, New Forms Festival, Misanthropy Gallery, Word on the Street and Emily Carr University of Art + Design. An Honours Graduate in Interdisciplinary Fine art and Alumni Emily Award 2000, Celia is currently engaged in the A440hz new artistic practice artists book and interactive media, with support of Inter-Arts, Canada Council for the Arts.


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  1. I am looking forward to this installation. As a performing artist with a background in circus arts and clown, I am constantly looking to other art forms for inspiration and insight.