Artist Screening Policy

New Forms Artist Screening Policy


-Google artist name / alternate names 

-red flag : a recent name change (be sure to google their previous names)

-Check for stories about them from major publications (“<artist name> inurl:<publication url>”)

-ex “new artist guy”

Social Media

Search for their current name / old names on major platforms:



-Tik Tok




-Check for red flags:

-Tweet replies limited to ‘people I follow’

-Check any hidden replies

-For tweets where replies are limited, check quote tweets

Note: it seems like you can’t search for number of replies to a tweet to check for being ratio’d anymore, so go through their recent tweets manually (not too many, just within the last month or so) to see if their tweets generally have more replies than favourites


-Check for red flags:

-comments turned off

-check if they’ve lost monetization / partner status recently

Recent Performances

-Call venues they’ve performed at to get general feedback on how it went

-Check any recent cancelled performances, if it’s not immediately obvious that it was a normal reason call the venue to see why the performance was cancelled