Dandy Jack


Martin Schopf, alias Dandy Jack, is renowned in Chile and Germany as much as for his musical productions than for his organization work in the electronic music movement. In Santiago de Chile he created the Microman club together with Adrian Schopf (Dj Adrian), which apart from being a club, became a generating nucleus for many electronic events, on an international scale, like the well-known Encuentro de la
Technocultura. He has been a more than an active head of MUTEK Chile, Canada‚  most interesting electronic
music festival south‚ version.

As a musician he released many individual projects such as Dandy Jack and the Cosmic Trousers in 1997, Dandy Jack and the Plastic Woman in 1998 – both on Ratherinteresting – or Dandy Jack and the Latin Lava in 2001 and 2004 on Perlon, Dandy Jack and the Latin Elvis on Contexterrior. He released an intuitive and distinguished album in 2005 on Perlon.

On the other side, Schopf has developed a wide range of musical styles through his career, proof of his genius passion for electronic sounds. Different projects with other artists came to birth: Gon together with Uwe Schmidt (Atom Heart, Lisa Carbon), Amp with Peter Namlook, Sieg über die Sonne with Pink Elln (licenced by Sony Music, lately by Multicolor), Gonzalo Martinez with Jorge Gonzalez, and Ric y Martin with Ricardo Villalobos (see discography for details).

The awaited second album of Sieg √ºber die Sonne ‚Äì after their sexy mathematical (-) * (-) = (+) ‚ was
released the winter 2004 on Multicolor. Another project he gather with Lucien Nicolet, alias Luciano (Mental
Groove, Perlon) named CARABINA 30:30, has a real live and improvisation concept, based on both artists
inputs. In a similar way but based on a magic spontaneous musical partnership, he started a few years ago a
very new project alongside SONJA MOONEAR called JUNCTION SM, that never failed to impressed any
kind of crowd. It consists on a non-stop live and DJ performance already shown around the.

Dandy Jack is maybe better known for his incredible energetic live appearances, shaking crowds all around and turning audiences into a non-stop atmospherical body wave. Together with other artists (like for the memorable Narod Niki 1st public concert at MUTEK 2003) or alone, in small clubs or bigger events, the german-latin effect has nothing to prove, just power to give.