Eamon Harkin + Justin Carter are MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT


Eamon Harkin + Justin Carter are MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT

In 2008, Justin – who was the musical director and a resident DJ at the then-hallowed APT – asked Eamon to play alongside Afrika Bambaataa at a weekly residency. In 2009, the pair conspired to create Mister Saturday Night, a new kind of dance party to reflect ideals they felt were underrepresented in New York at the time.

After a short stint at a downtown club, MSN moved to the hidden backyards and factory spaces of Brooklyn and quickly set course towards being one of the most beloved and respected parties in New York today. They traded in old stigmas for an authentic, original, back-to-basics ground-up approach to party making. The spaces are always comfortable and homey; the soundsystem is optimized for dancing and conversation in equal measure; the staff are genuine and passionate about the thing they’re apart of; and, of course, the music is stellar.

While the party often plays host to special guests (like Larry Heard, Omar S, DJ Harvey and Caribou), the core of the music comes from Justin and Eamon as experienced and skillful DJs in their own right. No matter where they go – cast-iron loft, modern art museum, concrete alleyway, big club or a charming yard space by the Gowaus Canal (they are two-thirds of the team that created the seminal Sunday Best parties) – they always bring their dexterous, unadulterated energy and always-on-point selections from their extensive (vinyl) record collections. The two are also intimately involved with every other aspect of their parties – from scouting venues to selecting hand stamps (and hiring the people who use them), to lighting and suspending their DJ rig from the ceiling. In other words, Eamon and Justin aren’t just part of Mister Saturday Night. They are Mister Saturday Night.