Keith Wecker (V.Vecker)


Experimental / Avant Garde artist, Keith Wecker (V.Vecker), has been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of a “classical” approach to composition in Vancouver since 2006. Influenced by his involvement in Glenn Brancas’ Symphony No. 13 “Hallucination City” (Seattle May 2008) and Anthony Braxtons’ “Sonic Genome Project” (Vancouver January 2010), V.Vecker has evolved from a primarily solo project into a large ensemble (2010). Like a “snuff film,” V.Vecker has embraced and eschewed standard forms of composition while fusing the space between melody (struggle) and atonality (dominance); tapping into the fleshiest construct of consciousness and primal instincts using foreign tunings and notation to both instruments and players alike.

Featured Performers

Corey Woolger (Certain Breeds, Cowards)
Daniel Presnell (BCVCO, Von Bingen)
Liam Butler (No Gold)
David R (Basketball, Aquanaut, White Umbrella)
Brody McKnight (Heavy Chains, Sex Negatives)
Luke Rogers (Basketball, Hyaenas)