Konrad Black


Konrad Black has been involved in DJing, producing and performing music for the past 10 years. A constant throughout his career is the signature mix of dirty bass threads with atmospheric sounds, emerging from his roots in Drum and Bass and Hip Hop.

After his first release on Formation Records in the UK influence’s such as Maurizio and Klang inspired more minimal sounds, and in 1998, a meeting with Swayzak in Vancouver led to ‘Greycale’ for Slow Building in 1999. From there Konrad went on to record a number of tracks on 240 volts, including the “Nails” or alternatively titled “Heavy Metal Withdrawal” EP as well as the “Busting Down the Door with a Shotgun” EP.

After moving to London and working with Ed Rush and Optical’s prestigious D&B label Virus Recordings (which ironically coincided with his deter out of Drum and Bass), Konrad recorded the track ‘White Cigarettes’ for Swayzak’s 240 Volts Compilation released that year.

Concurrently Konrad worked with March 21st of Circlesquare on the ‘Headgear Project’, releasing ‘Believers Goodbye’. This project culminated in collaboration with Swayzak for the track ‘In the Car Crash’ on the seminal album ‘Dirty Dancing’, released in 2002.

From there he went on to work on Circlesquare’s album ‘Pre-Earthquake Anthems’ for London based Output Recordings. Likewise, Headgear’s final joint production then was the Unkle remix of ‘In a State’.

In 2004 Konrad then formed Wagon Repair Recordings with Mathew Jonson, Graham Boothby and Jesse Fisk. He continued his wide panorama of sound on his first release on the label: ‘Draconia’, which enjoyed critical success internationally, followed by club hit ‘medusa smile’ , both top ranked in playlists of opnion leaders like ricardo villalobos, richie hawtin, steve bug, loco dice or tiga. This is only the beginning of things to come, as labelmanager, DJ, producer and performer Konrad Black will show very soon…