Okpk (Placemachine, Cloudsounds, Socalled)


Okpk (pronounced ‘ookpikk’) is the sound of a city growing leaves, the rhythms of a mechanical forest. okpk is neon raves and black light districts, and open fields where powerlines hum the night songs. Half empty clubs with the rock and roll joints. This story starts in 2006,but the genesis is much earlier, maybe 2000. New Zealand->Toronto->Victoria->Onwards.

The Sounds: Electronic sound is not enough in itself. Acoustic sound is not enoughin itself. Combining the two lets us find a sound that rings true andclear. What if Miles Davis had made On The Corner with Can, produced by Chris Clark? What if Animal Collective collectively stopped singing and let the background grow intricate and present?

Live + Studio: All worth while human relationships come with risk. Musical performance must be the same. Okpk operates on this edge, fusing live improvisation on bass and guitar with electronic manipulation. The lines between the two are blurred and erased. Studio productions capture and refine the peaks of this sonic terrain, leaving them no less wild.

2nd Life: When not okpking, Dan plays Serge Modular in an electro-acoustic groupled by an avant-garde composer and Sun Ra Arkestra alumnus, performs in a noise-jazz ensemble with members of Pat Metheny’s touring group,builds analogue modular synthesizers, and travels the Arctic ocean aspart of his research.