Vincent Parker (Run Riot, Artemis Jackson)


Vincent Parker may be a dance electronic act… but with genre-shunning attitude he is no mean a DJ.  Everything is played fresh so that each performance is unique, adaptive, personal, epic and inclusive. Hailing from the bass drenched streets of East Vancouver, Vincent has his own instantly recognizable style. He creates his own brand of music a type of live blissed out psych power bass rhythms that are steeped in the psychedelic omnipresent mist of the Pacific Northwest.

Parker thrives in live performance and is known to North west coast audiences for his live shows complete with sweat, singing, stage moves, dancing, crowd interaction and the occasional lost shirt. In short- Vincent brings it live. In pursuit of a truly live electronic performance, Parkers recent release “Prism Myst (2010)” was recorded in two live takes once in November 2009 and January 2010. Vincent uses a streamlined live PA setup consisting of a PC laptop running FL studio, two Kaoss pads v.2, and an mpd32 controller.