NFF 2009

  • Date: September 18, 2009
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Venue: Great Northern Way Campus

Saturday, September 19th @ Great Northern Way

122-577 Great Northern Way
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Advanced Tickets are available at Zulu, Highlife, Scratch and Beatstreet OR Purchase Online
Festival Pass for Sept 18 and 19: $30
One Night Pass for Sat Sep 19: $20
At the Door: $25

Line up

1:30am N-Type (LIVE)
1:15am Shamik
12:15am Eskmo
11:15pm Kush Arora
10:30pm Calamalka (LIVE)
9:30pm Dolladub (LIVE)


Saturday Night for this year’s New Forms Festival, as currated by Michael Red from Lighta! Sound.
Bringing in Dubforms resident soundman Dennis Chan to deal with a soundsystem more than double the size (yup!)
with some serious triple-headliner bill at a very nice price – $20 (your welcome!).
the venue is about halfway between clark and main street, on great northern way (aka 2nd ave.).
the address is 577 Great Northern Way. 9pm – 3am.

more complete details to come. tickets will be on sale soon. hold tight.
artist bio’s below.

[ N-TYPE ]

n-type2tempa / dub police / wheel & deal //

The award-winning Dubstep DJ / producer and label owner N-Type is without doubt one of the heavyweights in the scene. Voted Best Dubstep DJ in 2006 and 2007 with releases on labels such as Tempa, Dub Police, 3.5 Records, Southside Dubstars, Black Acre, and his own imprints Wheel & Deal Records, Terrain and his latest venture with DJ Hatcha, Sin City Recordings.

N-Type began his career presenting an underground chart show on Delight FM with DJ Walsh. He got the opportunity from giving a mixtape in to his local record shop Big apple records. John and Hatcha liked the tape and it soon found itself in the hands of the management of Delight Fm. N-Type and Walsh instantly made an impact and managed two drivetime shows a week. As time went by Walsh left the station and N-Type later took on a weekend chart show as he established a solo career. He quickly established himself as the main Dubstep DJ/producer on Delight FM and did regular guest shows on many other london pirate stations and internet stations. His mix compilations were rinsed on radio, which helped him gain recognition and bookings all over England and abroad. His shows have always concentrated on good vibes and giving the best music and talent the recognition they deserve. He is always up to date with a wide selection of dubs from the finest producers. Eventually Delight fm closed down due to unexplained circumstances and N-Type moved on to Rinse Fm. Since then he has gained international recognition and currently presents a popular show on every Tuesday night 9-11pm. He is now in the process of expanding his show with more interveiws, guest mixes and collaberations pushing artists and their music to the fullest. In 2005 he focused his attention on production and had his first release on Southside Dubstars in 2005. Since then he has had many successful releases and his music gained support from many top Dj’s and radio stations with regular airplay on Rinse Fm, BBC Radio 1 Breezeblock and The Kiss 100 the Dubstep show.
In 2006 N-Type was chosen by community of the, to mix a compilation of beats created and sent in as a competition on the forum. The winning tracks were chosen by a board of judges and the mix was recorded live at kiss 100fm. Christmas 2006, the Dubstepforum awards started taking nominations, when the votes were counted N-Type won Best DJ and Best Radio Show 2006. In 2007 N-Type was then given the opportunity by Ammuntion and Tempa to mix the 5th installment of Dubstep Allstars. The mix was released in the summer and took the critics by storm. This was a sure sign of the growth of the music and the respect it was getting. Christmas 2007, the nominations started for the second Dubstep Forum awards. Then in late January the dubstep forum had its first awards nite @ Herbal and N-Type was proud to receive… Best DJ 2007, Best Radio Show 2007 and CD of the Year 2007.

Late 2008 to 2009, N-Type hit the studio with artists such as Coki (Digital Mystiks), Seven, Youngsta, The Others and walsh and started writing an album.

In 2009 N-Type released his latest label Wheel & Deal records. It has an arsenal of sick releases from some of Dubstep biggest stars and up and coming artists. Every tune is carefully selected from N-Types very own Dubplate collection. The idea for Wheel & Deal records is simple; if the tune gets “wheeled up” (Reloaded in a dance or radio session) then the tune must get served up in every major and independent record store. Wheel & deal is set to make a devastating impact on every dancehall and record shop worldwide! Not only the MC but the world
will be calling for the “Wheel & deal”!

N-Type also Joined forces with DJ Hatcha to start the night Sin City at Herbal in Shoreditch every month. It to has been a big success and how has a label to run along side it. Sin City Recordings has releases from every top producer in Dubstep and is set to become on of the biggest Dubstep labels to date.

N-Type has just recorded the 9th installment of the ‘Rinse” mix series. ‘Rinse’ is the new definitive compilation series for pirate music enthusiasts brought to you by the infamous station that has championed a myriad of incendiary underground artists – Rinse FM. Each instalment reflects the sounds championed by Rinse FM with each DJ showing their own perspective of uk pirate music by way of track selection and tempo of mix.


eskmo(credit.Matt.May)warp / planet mu / studio rockers / ancestor // san fran.usa

Brendan Angelides, aka “Eskmo” and “”WELDER” , is a San Francisco based music producer & live performer. The name
“Eskmo” is used for his heavier, high-energy music and ‚ÄúWelder‚Äù for his more chilled down tempo works. He has been producing and performing live electronic music since 1999 and his live sets are currently based around Ableton Live utilizing various midi controllers and FX running with on the spot warping, queing and key work. He has covered numerous styles throughout the years and it has grown to a fusion of sorts with the current state having a distinct focus on dubstep, west coast glitch and minimal techno. Thick, floor-creaking bass layered with rich, oozing melodies and syncopated rhythms has become his standard.
The buzz continues to grow with support from numerous DJs, web stations and magazines all over the world. Brendan’s works have been featured in URB, DJ Mag, Knowledge Mag and on such shows as BBC Radio1 and RinseFM. He has performed throughout the UK, into Spain, France and Canada, as well as clubs and at festivals in most major cities across the US.

In 2009, Brendan started his own fully distributed digital label entitled “Ancestor”. The label was created to release his own works and collaborative projects of all styles. Not mention, most recently getting tunes signed to both warp and planet mu.


kush-arorasurya dub / record label / kaap // san fran.usa

Most recently, the hype around Kush’s newest works and live sets has been spreading like wild fire. Kush’s set was the highlight of all of Shambhala Music Festival for many many people. ask around. Not to mention his affiliation with one of the strongest and most consistant dubstep nights in san francisco.

The title of Kush‚ first full length album, released as a cassette in 1996 under the name Involution was titled, Too pissed to masturbate. He has come a long way since those days, and we are very proud of him. At age 15 Kush was pleased to find out a UC Berkeley Psychoacoustics graduate student named Chris Stecker had heard ‚ Too pissed to masturbate, loved it and wanted to release a new album by Involution. Chris had a label called Ovenguard records that also put on shows called Omnimedia. This is where Kush met artists like Wobbly, Big City Orchestra, Negativeland, and Blevin Blectum. At this time Kush and Robbie played several shows together and their relationship led to the release of ‚ Chaka, the final Involution CD (now out of print) on Record Label Records. Around this time, curiously Cevin Key released an electronic album under a pseudonym ‚ Involution‚ which contained a track titled‚ clairaudience. Either this was a major coincidence or something fishy was going on. Ironically, in Kush‚ youth Cevin Key and Doubting Thomas had a huge influence on his sound, later leading him to investigate Cevin‚ musical influences of Dancehall and dub music. No law suit or anything ensued, just a simple agreement that they could still both use the name Involution. After a slew of noise experimental and ambient releases as Involution, and probably having something to do with Key‚ decision to name his own project Involution, Kush went solo and changed the title of his project to Clairaudience.

Following the name change he released a cd with the Spanish ambient/noise label, Tabula Rasa. Taking a short break music making Kush returned in 2004 with ‚ Underwater Jihad‚ a drastic departure from his previous works. Under Water Jihad is an instrumental bhangra/industrial/dub/dancehall hybrid with sound designborrowing from his earlier experimental works. Kush followed up on this release with Bhang Ragga and Brooklyn to SF, two self released cds featuring a large lineup of guest vocalists.Most recently Kush has been using elements of dubstep in his work, which can be heard on the Record Label Records release. ‚ Dub Elements: Ocean‚ a limited edition of 300 red/black marbled vinyl that reflects the more experimental and end of the dubstep tip. (check the ‘news’ section)


shamikthe human beatbox // vancouver via calgary. canada

Shamik hears music in his head and uses beatboxing to bring it to life. His crushing basslines, crisp rhythms, and a’cappella DJ sets have captivated audiences in 13 countries and every major Canadian city from coast to coast. In the past 2 years Shamik toured with Method Man & Redman, Q-Bert, Bassnectar, Sub Swara, Tanya Tagaq, Kentaro, Mike Relm, Beats Antique, and
Lexie Lee. He has also performed with various bands including Thievery Corporation, Delhi 2 Dublin, Oka, Ganga Giri, Pacific Curls, and Enter the Haggis. Festival highlights include Rothbury (USA), Shambhala, Vancouver Island Musicfest (Canada), Sunburn (India), Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), and Dubplate (Philippines). 2009 marks the busiest year in his career after performing all over North America, Asia, and Australia… alongside international talent such as Marky, Benga, N-Type, Fort Knox Five, Mat The Alien, Lighta! Sound, Mihirangi, Nickodemus, Excision, Greenlaw, and Maestro Fresh Wes. As Shamik continues to spread the artform of his vocal percussion, he looks forward to recording more music, touring, and working with artists along the way.


calamalkalighta! sound / plug research / b.e.a.r. // vancouver.canada

Calmalka hears the new post-dubstep genre “wonky”, likes it, and a few months later pulls out a mind-bending all original live set at Bass Coast Festival that maybe only a handfull of heads got. and we’re talking his own take on the sound, dub-infused and hypnotic neck-snappers, not some ‘luckyme’ rip-off (not like that would be a bad thing anyways, if you could do it right.. which he could).

Inspired as a youth by the reggae/hardcore crossover music of Bad Brains, Michael quickly discovered Jamaican roots with artists such as King Tubby, LKJ, Scientist and Lee “Scratch” Perry. It was during this phase Michael realized Dub was truly the predecessor to all electronic and hip hop music alike. Initially inspired by groups: Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and Tribe Called Quest and then later by producers such as Pete Rock, Premier and Jay Dee, it wasn’t long before Michael started working towards making his own beats. After performing in his resident city Vancouver as an established drummer/bassist with artists such as Kinnie Starr, Lux and Nefro, Mike took a hiatus from touring and session work to begin producing his own music in two distinct styles, dubby live instrumentals and intricate hip hop beats.

During the year 2000, Michael independently pressed up his first 12″ simply titled the Calamalka E.P. and sent a few out to select parties garnering a review in XLR8R “we may have just stumbled upon the bastard child of Pole and Monolake” not to mention positive feedback from established dub-wise producers such as Ryan Moore (Twilight Circus) Stephan Betke (Pole) and Omar Celemetson (Supersoul). This led to two spots on Supersoul’s Miami based Metatronix Music in 2002 and it’s first compilation Plug Tunes Vol. 1 as well as a live appearance at Miami’s Infiltrate 3.0 performing alongside Cannibal Ox, Prefuse 73, Mr. Lif and others.

After traveling to Miami again to DJ and work on future Metatronix releases, Michael was turned onto Plug Research (through Supersoul himself). Michael promptly sent Plug Research some tracks and before long label head Allen Avanessian had decided Calamalka would be a great addition to the roster. While the pending release was being assembled Michael kept working on beats through 2003 and collaborated with local rappers Usual Suspecs to produce two tracks, one entitled “Mindjuice” that would wind up on’s first underground hip hop compilation and another “Sleep Forever” that had not yet been released. This however was only temporary and upon hearing the Suspecs track through a friend, local up and coming film director Nathaniel Geary soon requested “Sleep Forever” and some of Michael’s beats for his first feature film entitled On the Corner. The film was well received, achieving major distribution and Geary won an award for best new director. Michael’s soundtrack was also gaining notoriety and inspired by a musician friend he soon submitted it to the locally run label Transsiberian Records where it will come out this summer.


dolladubundercover dub // victoria.canada

Young gun from Victoria, BC, opening up the night to warm up the future. Manager of UDP. Produces under DollaDub, DollaDub Allstars, Undercover Dub. Located in Victoria B.C. Canada. DollaDub uses a hardware setup for his productions. Mastering and edits done with Ableton.


Lomax-2facedkrista lomax / krash hazzard visuals // vancouver.canada

Krista Lomax is a motion graphics designer and video artist who got her start making A/V mashups with VHS decks, high speed dubbing and razor-editing reel to reel tape. She has spent her recent years vj-ing for hundreds of live music and art events (FUSE @ the Vancouver Art Gallery, Kuba Oms/Velvet Collective, Sistahood, A440hz, The Al Neil Project w/ Grunt Gallery and Carole Itter, NOW Orchestra, Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival, LG Electronics, Lighta!/Dubforms, Vancouver Jazz Festival) as well as designing 30+ animations for film and television title sequences (Brightlight Pictures, Toronto International Film Festival, New York Gay Film Festival, Insight Film, Shavick Entertainment). She has also contributed live vj performance content to Coldcut and Crystal Method as well as vj-ed in music videos for TV Heart Attack, Suzy Solar, Michelle Boback and The Next Hundred Years. Her latest project was to design the software interfaces for the spaceships of Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe and her visuals work was most recently seen as the backdrop for Dubrovnik Fashion Week in Croatia.


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