New Forms Festival 2003: Breaking Boundaries: (con)tribute to the break

  • Date: August 2, 2003
  • Location: Vancouver
  • Venue: New Forms Media

Breaking Boundaries: (con)tribute to the break

New Forms Media Centre
Presenting Sponsors: UBS, Bent Matter

Saturday, August 2nd, 2003

Curator: Malcolm Levy and Owen Milburn

Breaking Boundaries is a tribute to the history of break beat, hip-hop, and the musical genres that they have spawned, both visually and aurally. The creative use of Cycling 74’s software program Jitter will allow the visual elements of hip-hop culture, its history and its post-industrial aesthetic, to be projected onto five screens in accompaniment to the auditory experience of the break beats. Each DJ will present a set of their favorite breaks with particular emphasis on songs and samples that they see as influential to the growth of break beat culture. True to the intent of early innovators, the beat will be sought, isolated and then used to rock and party.


Konrad Black (Vancouver)- 240 Volts/ Swayzak

Matthew Jonson and Jesse Fisk (Vancouver- ‘itiswhatitisrecordings’

Quadra (Vancouver)- Dune Records

Thomas Jirku (Toronto)- Remote Records

Chocobot (Vancouver)- Nordic Trax

Visual Artists for this evening will include:

Owen Milburn

Ben Reeder

Malcolm Levy

Ben Nevile

New Forms Festival 2003

New Forms Festival (NFF) 2003 is an annual four-day festival celebrating innovations in art and technology. The festival can be broken down into four constituent parts: a gallery exhibition, conference, night performances and late night events. The theme of this year’s festival is inter[sec/ac]tion: focusing on art that is interactive, and highlighting the intersections between art, science and community. All three events components of NFF 2003 will explore the following media in relation to this year’s theme: digital art, music, video, performance, installation and immersive environments.

The gallery includes interactive installation art, live presentation performances, a station, and video screening room. Come down and vote on your favorite net and video artist as part of the ZeD CBC People’s Choice Short Awards. The conference features presentations and roundtables on contemporary media, arts and cultural issues. The night performances will range from experimental audio-visual cinematic remixing, to interactive technology performance art, to sound art and experimental jazz. The late night events include a shared, sound kit, lab-top musical exploration and a tribute to break beat culture augmented by interactive visual software. Please check out our website for special events announcements.

NFF 2003 will be held in Vancouver, B.C. from Wednesday, July 30th to Saturday, August 2nd at the Roundhouse Community Centre, Scotia Dance Centre and New Forms Media Centre. We invite you to enjoy!