New Forms Festival 2005: Ecologies

  • Date: September 15, 2005
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Venue: Museum of Anthropology at UBC, Open Studios, Scotiabank Dance Centre, Video In Studios, Video Monster, Western Front

Theme: Ecologies

Line-Up Features: Danuel Tate and Tyger Dhula, Deadbeat, Jirku / Judge, Junior Boys, Konrad Black, Modern Deep Left Quartet, The Mole, Monolake, Noah Pred, Tanya Tagaq (with Souns and Noah Susswein), Woodhands

Venues: Museum of Anthropology at UBC, Open Studios, Scotiabank Dance Centre, Video In Studios, Video Monster, Western Front

Under the guiding hand of curators Dinka Pignon and Daina Warren, NFF05 joined forces with the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, which hosted an exhibit called Ritual Ecology from September 16-October 16. Among the happenings there, Tanya Tagaq Gillis brought her contemporary take on Inuit throat singing, backed by Michael Red as SOUNS. Keynote speakers included Emily Carr professor Carol Gigliotti, technological innovator David Vogt, and Steven Loft, Mohawk of the Six Nations and director of the Urban Shaman Gallery.

Coiner of the term “plunderphonics” in reference to music constructed entirely from existing recordings, a style inspired by the cut-up technique William S. Burroughs used in his writing, John Oswald’s presence was deeply felt this year. Oswald presented Robot Piano Performances with Bodhi Project (Taal Mala) at Western Front, which were explorations of “rascaliklepitoire” (a suggestive anagram of “classical repertoire”) in which scores of classical music were altered for performance renditions. Oswald also talked at the Ecology of Intellectual Property: Rights, Piracy, Public and Authorship panel.

Curated by Anje Weitzel and Mirjam Wenzel, Focus on Berlin was part of a Club Transmediale screening program for club transmediale.04.

Important musical happenings included early appearances by Modern Deep Left Quartet, a month before their debut EP dropped and five years before their first album, and Junior Boys. Ableton Live developer Monolake (Robert Henke) appeared as a performer, as the host of a workshop dealing with the live performance of electronic music, and in a panel discussing “The Ecological Framework of Sounds, Sight and Movement.” Toronto’s Noah Pred premiered Ecocosm, a set of deep dance floor grooves constructed entirely of field recordings from British Columbia’s coastal wilderness, complete with modular visuals by Sijay James.