New Forms Festival 2007: re:use

  • Date: September 8, 2007
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Venue: VIVO, Western Front, ScotiaBank Dance Centre, ECIAD IDS, Open Studios, Cathedral Park Square

Theme: re:use

Line-Up: Benga, Chefal, Claudia Minerva, Daega Sound, Deville, DJ Collage, DZ, Echo Pilot, Eightprime, Filastine, Frivolous, Hatcha, Jacob Cino, Jim Carrico, JPLS (Jeremy Jacobs), Julie Gendron, Kode9, Liminal Spaces, Loefah, Lomax, Mat the Alien, Michael Red, Mike Shannon, Phowa, Prince Sho, Swytch, Taal Mala & Max Ulis, Termite, Tusk, Youngsta.

Venues: VIVO, Western Front, ScotiaBank Dance Centre, ECIAD IDS, Open Studios, Cathedral Park Square

NFF07 was a year of major internal transition. Most notably, Malcolm Levy was asked to curate CODE: Live as part of the Cultural Olympiad
for 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Due to a possible conflict of interest, Levy had to step down from NFF.

The board took over active directorship of the festival, and Michael Red stepped up role as curator. Several new partners were added this year: Alliance Francaise, The Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, WAG Design and Earthman Media, and Industry Images. Also partnered with OFMAS (Open Forum Media Arts Society) for 2007, and the NFF office moved from Open Studios to Video-In.

Along side Lighta! Sound, New Forms also started hosting a series called Dubforms in late 2006. Focussed on evolutions in dub, bass and space music, there were five different events held throughout 2007, featuring such headliners as Kode9, Benga, and Hatcha. Showcasing the likes of Youngsta and Filastine, Dubforms4 was programed as part of the official NFF07 schedule.

Ujino Muneteru kicked off NFF07 at the Western Front with The Rotators, an improvised performance with blenders, hair dryers, electric drills, bicycle parts, turntables, and vinyl records. NFF and A440Hz teamed up for ElectroMagnetic Explorations –which featured the music of Vincent Parker, Rupinder Sidhu, the Square Root of Evil, and others– and a series of visual art installations.