New Forms Festival 2006: Transformations

  • Date: September 8, 2006
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Venue: Open Studios, Video In Studios, Great Northern Way

Theme: Transformations

Line-Up: Ben Donoghue, Calamalka, Circlesquare, Daega Sound, Deadbeat, Douglas Benford, Flat Grey, Hrdvsion, Humdinger, Jacob Cino, Jan Jelinek, Julie Gendron, Kuma, Kytami, Max Ulis, Mitchell Akiyama, The Mole, Phil Western, Taal Mala, Tomas Jirku, Tusk, The Wax Museum.

Venues: Open Studios, Video In Studios, Great Northern Way

Leading up to NFF06, New Forms participated in presentations at the Sarai Media Centre in New Delhi, the Next Wave Festival in Melbourne, Australia, VIDFEST in Vancouver, and the Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, B.C.

They also partnered with Habitat the New Media Lab at Canadian Film Centre for Non-verbal Narrations, a film series shown along side NFF06 displaying a one-hour series of works from across the country. The success of this program spawned a film night at NFF07. Filmmakers included Brigitta Boedenauer, Sachiko Hayashi, Cecile Babiole, Rae Staseson, Stephanie Loveless, Modulate Collective, Arlene Ducao, and Abel Konya.

Curated by Dinka Pignon, the exhibition Materia Media took place at Video In during the entirety of the festival, and saw installation works by Lynne Sanderson, Veronika Bökelmann, Isabelle Jenniches, Mark Cypher, Pierre-Andre Sonolet, Victoria Scott, Derk Wolmuth, Jennifer Willet / Shawn Bailey, Sloodanka Stupar, and Richard Wright.

Kate Armstrong curated a special conference event at the Great Northern Way campus called ArtCamp, in which all attendees were required to give a demo, a session, or otherwise contribute in some way to support the event. This project would appear again at NFF07 and NFF08.

Four nights of music at Open Studios saw headlining performances from Deadbeat, Jan Jelinek, Phil Western, and The Mole.