New Forms Festival 2008: Mosaics

  • Date: September 23, 2008
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Venue: Open Studios, ECIAD IDS, VIVO

Theme: Mosaics

Line-Up: Aidan, Anasia, Automatic Message, Bombaman, Brady Marks & Souns, The Bug with Warrior Queen, Calamalka, Chefal, Colby Sparks, Dabbler, Daega Sound, Deciduous, DJ Abel & the Phonograff, DJ Cure, Dr. Spiny, Electrabelle, Fond of Tigers, Headhunter (Addison Groove), HxdB, Julie Gendron, Kilowatts, Kinotropy, Liminal Spaces, Lomax, Longwalkshortdock (w/ Rim Visuals), Maga Bo, Mark Yuen, Martyn, Michael Red (with Jornick), Pole, Prince Sho, Secret Mommy Quintet, Segue, Self Evident, Sirbassa, Termite, Tusk, Vancity Dubplate Session

Venues: Open Studios, ECIAD IDS, VIVO

Lee Ritian, Claudio River-Seguel, Kika Thorne, and Kate Hennessy/Richard Wilson curated events at VIVO throughout September, within the theme of “Mosaics” as a cross-disciplinary mixture of art forms, cultures, politics, and the dissemination of information.

In partnership with the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad, New Forms started a spin-off festival called Midforms which was held in early
March of 2008, and again in March 2009. MFF08 absorbed Dubforms7 (noted for a performance by Martyn and Vancity Dubplate Session) and featured a Techforms showcase the following night, with sets by Tomas Jirku, Hrdvsion, and Stephen Beaupré. Dubforms10 would be a featured showcase at NFF08.

NFF08 music highlights included Mosaic Soundz, an event that brought together Maga Bo, BPM, and the Beats Without Borders Crew to infuse global cultural styles (Bhangra, belly dancing, Balkan) into dance floor friendly forms. There was also a rare performance by the short-lived Secret Mommy Quintet that, along with Juno-winning instrumental jazz band Fond of Tigers, took their previously released albums, digitally rearranged them into new works, and relearned how to play them.