New Forms Festival 2009: More Enlightenment

  • Date: May 12, 2009
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Venue: VIVO, Great Northern Way

 More Enlightenment

Line-Up: 2562, Andabeat, Appleblim, Brady Marks, Calamalka, Daega Sound, Dandy Jack, Deepchild, DJG, Dubgnostic, Eskmo, Glitchy & Scratchy, Jay Tripwire as 8 Channels, Krista Lomax, Kush Arora, Kyle Hall, The Librarian, Lowfish, Neighbor, N-Type, Sase One, Shamik, Taal Mala, Vasho Pekar.

Venues: VIVO, Great Northern Way

At only two days long, NFF09 would be the smallest festival since its beginning. Yet, the Midforms spin-off festival in March expanded to three complete days of music and events, with appearances by Akufen, Nickodemus, Myagi, and Deepchild at Mosaic Sounds, Techforms, and Breaksform showcases. 2009 would also see the culmination of the Dubforms series, with 2562 at DF12 and the likes of Appleblim and Longwalkshortdock closing DF13.

NFF09 featured a partnership with the newly opened W2 Community Media Arts Centre. New Forms Media Society board director Robert Willis assumed the role of festival director. As a curator, Michael Red insightfully brought in Eskmo before the producer signed to Ninja Tune, on an evening that also included mash-up visuals from local motion graphics designer Krista Lomax.