New Forms Festival 2010: Traversing Electronic Narratives

  • Date: September 10, 2010
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Venue: W2 Storyeum

Theme: Traversing Electronic Narratives

Line-Up: Babe Rainbow, Basketball, Blue Daisy, Calamalka, Illum Sphere, Jason Lev, Junior Boys, Konrad Black, Love Dancing, Michael Red, Nasty Nasty, No Gold, Omar S, Resorts, Scott W., Slugabed.

Venue: W2 Storyeum

In collaboration with CBC Radio 3, New Forms curated a showcase at the MUTEK festival in Montreal. The June performance featured sounds by Michael Red, Monolithium, Babe Rainbow, Calamalka, Max Ulis, Daega Sound System and visuals by Peter Hagge.

With the Cultural Olympiad behind him, Malcolm Levy returned full-time to NFF in 2010. As of early summer, nothing for the festival had been done. There was no theme, no bookings, no funding from Canada Council for the Arts, nothing. Within a month, it all came together like it was meant to be. Michael Red and Chris Wang stepped up as music curators, Cedric Meister and Josh Bartholemew curated a Body event, and Levy took care of exhibition artists.

Thanks to the event being held in the W2 Storyeum, NFF10 was the first year that the music performances and installations were both conducted in the same space, so festival patrons could enjoy all the festival had to offer without the burden of travel.

The Vancouver Design Nerds and eatART turned heads with the Gramorail, a kinetic sculpture that was, in effect, a locomotive made from scrap and powered by the pedaling of its four passengers. There was also a Beat Nation performance night showcasing Native hip hop artists working in traditional and new media environments, that featured Sista Hailstorm, The Starmakerz (Manik1derful and Magic Touch), Skeena, Reece, Ostwelve, and Christie Charles. Headlining “The Opposite of Fear” on September 11th, Slugabed appeared before he sign to Ninja Tune.