New Forms Festival 2012: Conference (Panel 1)

  • Date: September 15, 2012
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Venue: The Waldorf Hotel



13:00-14:00: Interactive Art and Technology

Moderator: Philippe Pasquier (SFU)
Artist presentations: Andres Wanner / Nicolas Sassoon & Sara Ludy / Jesse Scott & Mirae Rosner / Jonathan Tippett


In his artistic practice, focused primarily on sonic arts, Philippe Pasquier studies and exploits the various relationships and synergies between art, science and technology. In the last ten years, he has been acting as a performer, director, composer, musician, producer and educator in many different contexts. He also serves, or has served, as an active member and administrator of several artistic collectives and companies (Robonom, Phylm, Miji), art centers (Avatar, Bus Gallery) and artistic organizations (P: Media art, Machines, Vancouver New Music) in Europe, Canada and Australia. Philippe Pasquier is currently Assistant Professor, SIAT, Simon Fraser University.


Nicolas Sassoon & Sara Ludy have a deep collective interest in pixelated virtual architecture and are both members of the online art collective Computers Club. Sassoon has an extensive collection of architectural animated gifs on his own site and considers them representatives of an ideal, only achievable in virtual space. Ludy, with a background in interior design, creates videos of catalog-like architecture melting together in saw-toothed fades. WALLPAPERS, a collaborative project and a catalogue of digital patterns, exhibited online at and offline through site-specific installations such as NFF 2012.Jesse Scott & Mirae Rosner create and exhibit work in the genre formerly known as New Media. Graffiti Research Lab Canada is dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers, street artists, and political protesters with open source tools for urban communication.


Jonathan Tippett is an artist and a mechanical engineer based in Vancouver, BC. Since graduating from UBC in 1998, his engineering work has been in the fields of marine hydraulics, fuel cell systems and, neurovascular implants. His passion for sculpture lead him to experiment with ceramics, wood, composites, and metal, and eventually to co-own Claytek Studios, a ceramics studio in Vancouver. He founded Industrialus Design in 1999 and built a metal fabrication and machine shop where he developed his technical art work and began to apply engineering as a medium for creative expression. His work was influenced by his interest in extreme sports, martial arts and drumming. It evolved to focus on interactive kinetic sculptures, which aim to explore the relationship between humans, machines, energy, automation and physical skill.

Andres Wanner of Pixelstorm makes Art and Information Design. He is a permanent faculty at SIAT in Vancouver and has been teaching internationally at Art and Design Universities since 2002.