New Forms Festival 2013

  • Date: May 13, 2013


New Forms Festival 13

For the 13th year of the New Forms Festival, instead of focusing on one specific theme, we have taken a curatorial approach that looks at the intersections between the different performances and installations themselves.

Concepts of new design, science fiction, historical recreation and magic realism are interplayed throughout the context of the festival. Jeff Mill’s Star People begins this journey taking u on a three-hour sonic and visual adventure from the descendants of the stars where “There will also be energy changes, maybe a shifting of the poles. The shift of people’s opinions.”

That shift continues through Soda_Jerk’s Astro Black, where the Race for Space juxtaposes Sun Ra’s vision of having been abducted by aliens with that of the US space program and Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon. The Fourth Way brings us into the realms of black identity and Afrofuturism, and more specifically in its relationship between science fiction and electronic technology, while Scenes from an Unsound Mind makes us consider that which occupies the space outside the norms of traditional western philosophy, and replaces it with a new sensibility and discourse.

1024 Architecutre’s Live/ Work Hypercube allows us to imagine the magic realist dimensions f light, taking us on a journey inside a sculpture where the conceptual framework of walls and sound take on new meaning. Donald Buchla’s exhibition and performance give us an insight into the pioneering designs and ideas behind all electronic instruments today.

The overall performances of artists such as Dopplereffekt, Kassem Mosse, Khan, Delory Edwards and Lee Gamble combined with the installations and visuals of a number of emerging local visual artists offer us a unique and specific experience within the festival grounds. Lars Bang Larsen’s talk on recursive forms of feedback, psychedelia, and resonance brings all of these ideas together trying the art to the music, and most essentially, the audience as participants themselves.

Malcolm Levy,

New Forms Festival Director.