The Fourth Way

  • Date: September 14, 2013
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Venue: Equinox Gallery

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Saturday September 14th (12-3pm) at The Equinox Gallery

Addressing the fundamental relationship of black identity to science fiction and electronic technology, The Fourth Way seeks to raise consciousness and critical awareness by exhibiting the artistic methodologies and aesthetics employed by those who engage with Afrofuturism and its sonic legacy. Likened to recordings of improvisational jazz, each work collapses both time and space into narratives that undermine the rigidity of dominant Western ideologies and histories related to material progress and people of color. Shifting between fact and fiction, the selected works simultaneously combine sci-fi, documentary practice, radical historiography, African cosmologies and jazz composition into their temporally non-linear narrative structures. Working empirically with source material ranging from Western popular music to archival footage of jazz performance, the methodologies employed by these artists are used to decode our present sociopolitical problems in order to provide critical tools for self-determination and social mobilization.

Artists: Tony Cokes, Grace Ndiritu, The Otolith Group, and Cauleen Smith.

Image: Cauleen Smith, The Fullness of Time (excerpt) 2007

Curated by Robin Selk and Andrew Rebatta