Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some FAQ’s:

1) On the night of shows, the gates at the Centre for Digital Media will open to the public at the following times:

Thursday September 12th – 9:00pm (Jeff Mills starts at 10pm sharp and there are no opening acts)

Friday September 13th – 9:30pm

Saturday September 14th – 9:30pm

2) Tickets will be available online only until midnight on Wednesday September 11th.

After this point tickets will be for sale (based on availability) at Red Cat Records on Main St. or at the entrance to events (based on availability and cash only – there is no cash machine at the gate).

3) Tickets are available for advance pick up:

At the back entrance to the Centre for Digital Media. Ticket and weekend pass purchase (cash only) is also available during these pick up times at this location:

12-5pm Tuesday September 10th

12-5pm Wednesday September 11th

4) Tickets will cost more at the gate:

Based on availability (we are quickly approaching selling out spots for numerous nights) ticket prices at the gate will be more than the advance prices.

Full weekend passes: $65 at the gate based on availability

Thursday September 12th (Jeff Mills presents STAR PEOPLE): $30 at the gate based on availability

Friday September 13th: $25 at the gate based on availability

Saturday September 14th: $30 at the gate based on availability

Gate purchases will be cash only and there is no withdrawal machine located outside the gate.

5) Donald Buchla performance/Q&A and instrument exhibition:

The instrument exhibition for the Genesis of an Instrument: The Pioneering Work of Donald Buchla is FREE and is open to the public –

Thursday, September 12,

7-10 pm

Friday, September 13, 12-7 pm

Saturday, September 14, 12-7pm

The performance/Q&A portion of the Genesis of an Instrument: The Pioneering Work of Donald Buchla is taking place beginning at 7pm on Friday, September 13th. Individual tickets are now sold out and ticket holders are encouraged to arrive early.  Due to extremely limited space, weekend pass/guest pass/artists MUST reserve a spot to access this performance.  The reservation system will open up at VIVO (1965 Main st) at 4pm on Friday September 13th and the remaining spots will be filled on a first come/first served basis.  We are expecting many pass holders may not be able to gain entrance to this performance so please arrive early to reserve a space if you hope to attend.  If there are still spots available after 6pm we will allow single tickets to be sold again at that point…..but this is looking fairly full from our perspective.

5) All events are NO INS and OUTS!!

Please bring in anything you may need before entering events. You will not be permitted to leave and come back in under any circumstances. There will be a cash machine located inside the Centre for Digital Media but please prepare in advance.