Open Call for Board Members

We are looking for individuals in our community with an interest in shaping the future of New Forms Festival as part of our board of directors.

Our Board Members, staff, and volunteers are united by a passion for forward-thinking events and spaces dedicated to underground music and art on the unceded lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh people. 

New Forms Media Society (New Forms) is the parent organization of the New Forms Festival, New Forms Digital, and more. Founded in 2000, our mandate is to unite creative communities, push artistic and conceptual boundaries, and explore digital media as an art form. We believe in a growing and mutually supportive cultural ecosystem grounded in relationship building.

Over the 20 years of our work as an organization, New Forms Board Members have pushed for diversity in electronic music and digital arts through our programming and events. As New Forms matures, our board has made it a priority to ensure that we are welcoming to new board members by working to make participation on our board as inclusive and safe as how we aim to produce our events. 

In the last year, our Board Members completed a professional development workshop on equity and anti-racism in organizations. We are continuing to work internally and with the support of external consultants to ensure that our policies are able to foster environments and projects with a commitment to inclusivity and amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities. 

We’re committed to continuing to learn how to better support our communities in their efforts to bring about positive social change.

To ensure volunteering for New Forms and membership on our board is accessible and rewarding, we have also developed a program for mentorship and training which is available to all incoming Board Members. 

You could be a great addition to the New Forms board if you…

  • want to participate in the governance of a non-profit society
  • take part in building sustainable organizations that can support the local community while fostering connections with international movements
  • are interested in creating visibility and opportunities for emerging music and art practices in your local community and internationally
  • want to see more Indigenous, Black, and other POC representation in arts and music events. 
  • want to support the reopening of music and live events, along with the spaces that allow these events to take place and thrive.

Why be a New Forms Board Member? 

Being on the board of a not-for-profit organization is a great way to learn skills in management and governance that can be applied to other organizations and businesses. It’s also a way to meet like-minded folks working and volunteering in other professions and disciplines, and to stay in touch with what’s happening in music and arts communities.

Can anyone become a board member?

Yes! Anyone interested in supporting, growing, and developing the festival and other New Forms activities can be on our board. 

As a governing body, our board aims to be informed by the interests and views of the artists and professionals in our community alongside those of people that attend, volunteer at and otherwise support the festival and other events in our city.

What are the responsibilities of a New Forms Board Member?

Be prepared to share some of your time. Board Members are expected to participate in 3-6 board meetings per year. Meetings are usually held every two months, in the evening. We recognize that Board Members have a wide range of schedules and time commitments, and we ensure that there are ways to stay engaged and involved through meeting minutes and email groups. 

What are board meetings like?

Our board meetings typically focus on areas of programming, policy development, and financial oversight. They provide a friendly and respectful environment for listening and contributing opinions and suggestions related to New Forms. Recommendations, motions, and noteworthy comments are all documented in meeting minutes, so everyone can stay in the loop even if they aren’t able to attend a meeting. For an example of minutes from our most recent AGM, check this out!

Are meetings in person?

Our meetings are currently held online through Zoom. We hope to return to in-person meetings as soon as that’s safe and appropriate. However, Board Members who aren’t able to attend in person are usually able to attend virtually.  If you don’t live in or near Vancouver, you are still welcome to be a part of our board!

Are Board Members paid?

Our public funding does not allow us to pay a stipend to Board Members for their service on the board. However, Board Members can be paid for specific tasks such as minute-taking, financial management, and others can be compensated. Board Members also receive training and mentorship, free admission to New Forms events, and opportunities to connect with a broader network in arts and music.

Do I need experience in governance or a particular skill set?

No. We sincerely encourage anyone interested in joining our board to talk to us about joining! Even if you have no prior non-profit board experience, we will ensure you have the right tools to participate. We will arrange for training through Vantage Point for new Board Members, and provide other resources as required. Additionally, new Board Members can receive direct mentorship from one or more current or past Board Members. 

As we currently have vacancies for our Treasurer and Secretary positions, we have a particular need for potential members with experience or interest in learning about governance and financial management. Our board also seeks to welcome more members who have experience or training in decolonizing practices, anti-oppression, harm reduction, and other areas that will help us better support our communities. Overall we are looking for a wide range of applicants to represent different aspects and experiences the music and arts sectors

Can I participate in day-to-day operations and programming?

Both yes and no. The Board sets overall priorities and goals for the organization. The Director manages New Forms’ operations and programming. The Director works and consults with the Board and community through board meetings, town halls, and AGMs.

New Forms Festival and events have been made possible with the indispensable support of volunteers. Board Members are often involved in a variety of ways, such as organizing fundraisers, getting hands-on at events, or helping us spread the word!

How do I apply?

To apply, send us an email to with the following:

  • 150-400 words about yourself, and why you want to be on New Forms’ Board of Directors
  • A resume or CV
  • Optional: Are you interested in applying for the Secretary or Treasurer position?

If you have any questions about board membership or the application process, we would be happy to talk and share some resources that could help you make a decision! Say hello at

How will successful candidates be chosen? 

Every application will be reviewed by the board and advisory board members, with a focus on the experiences, perspectives, and vision that each candidate can bring to New Forms. Our Board Members and Director will then reach out for an introductory conversation, which will also provide space for applicants to ask any questions they may have. After that, the board will select a shortlist of new Board Members to be voted in as a group at the AGM in August 2021.

Are there other ways of participating?

If you’re not sure if board membership is for you, there are other ways to get involved. Subscribe to our mailing list to make sure that you’re in the loop when we share our next open calls for artwork, volunteering or paid opportunities.