Jeff Mills Presents: STAR PEOPLE (World Premier)

New Forms Festival 2013 is proud to be hosting…
Jeff Mills presents: STAR PEOPLE
*World Premier*

There will also be energy changes, maybe a shifting of the poles. The shift of people’s opinions. However, when life comes into being all that will be forgotten by nature, there must always be destruction of the old to bring forth the new. Young life feeds off old life and old ideas, that is the way of the circle of life.

Cycles in our evolution are compulsive, never-ending and guarded by the nomadic reasoning that we live for today, but we dream for tomorrow.

In Indian culture, the consistent belief in the co-habitation of humans and aliens is a relationship that has existed long before their land of America was visited by the Europeans. The common belief is this:

Star people descended from the sky and landed in the mountains around Indian tribes. They became friends and teachers. Children were born from this relationship. At the age of three, these special children were taken up into the Stars to learn. In the later teen years, the children are brought back to Earth by the visitors and reunited with their Indian family. These special people walk the Earth and are among us now.

Jeff Mills presents STAR PEOPLE. A 3 hour musical observation and journey on the relationship between humans and our paternal connection with visitors from the Stars.

Image Credit: Plastika

Doors at 9pm
Program begins at 10pm
We strongly encourage all attendees to arrive prior to the 10pm start time and stay for the entirety of the program


Sequence 1 – The Night A Star Fell To Earth
Sequence 2 – The Visitors
Sequence 3 – Star Child Connection
Sequence 4 – RH Minus [in/out segment]
Sequence 5 – Eternal Expansions

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