Every year, New Forms is made possible by a large team of enthusiastic volunteers with a strong interest in taking part in Vancouver’s arts and culture community.

New Forms is an opportunity to get connected with Vancouver’s longest-running electronic arts festival, and meet like-minded individuals.

All volunteers get free admission to the festival for its duration and a drink ticket after the minimum shift requirement is met. All volunteers are required to attend a 1-hour pre-festival orientation (date/time TBA) in addition to their shift.

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Volunteer Positions:

[expand title=”Drivers”]
Valid drivers license required. Vehicle will be provided by festival. Volunteers should be extremely responsible, organized and comfortable driving in Vancouver.
Required for minimum 8 hour shift either one-week prior and/or post festival, or during festival (October 7-8)
[/expand] [expand title=”Promotions Team”]
Street team needed to distribute flyers to record stores, boutiques, etc, around town leading up to the event, as well as putting up posters in high-traffic areas.
Casual basis 2-4 weeks before festival
[/expand] [expand title=”Technical and Curator Assistants”]
Basic technical knowledge required (knowledge of basic cables, mic names, types of lights, etc). Previous experience doing tech for concerts and/or events an asset. Assistants will work alongside the festival curators before and during the festival as needed.
Required for minimum one 8-hour shift during festival (October 7-8)
[/expand] [expand title=”Set Up and Tear Down”]
Volunteers who don’t mind heavy-lifting and labor tasks needed to help transform the venue space for the festival (tasks include painting, unloading gear, etc). Help is also needed with clean up after the festival.
Required for minimum one 8-hour shift before or after the festival
[/expand] [expand title=”Ticketing and Coat Check”]
Social and enthusiastic volunteers needed to greet patrons, handle guest list, collect tickets and accept cash door sales. Coat check people will ensure items checked in remain safe and are returned to the correct patron.
Required for minimum one 8-hour shift during festival (October 7-8)
[/expand] [expand title=”Hosts/Security”]
Volunteers needed to assist the NFF security team with monitoring entrances and roaming the festival venue. Volunteers should be assertive and comfortable standing/walking for long periods of time.
Required for minimum one 8-hour shift during festival (October 7-8)
[/expand] [expand title=”Docents”]
Volunteers with an interest in visual art needed to host art gallery during the festival. Shifts will be during the day. Volunteers will supervise gallery attendees and provide information on art displays as needed.
Required for minimum one 8-hour day shift during festival (October 7-8)
[/expand] [expand title=”Exhibition”]
Volunteers with art-hanging and gallery experience needed to help set up the visual art displays before the festival.
Required for minimum one 8-hour shift before the festival